About US

The green cleaning is a local owned and operated professional cleaning service company serving fort bend county with the goal to help customers free up from the house cleaning, and help cleaning the environment by using biodegradable product. Our detailed-oriented rotation cleaning system will keep your house impeccably clean. We are using the same team for the same house. We are insured and boned. Our cleaning associates are our employees passing background check.

Our Services

Biweekly Cleaning

The same cleaning team come to your house once every two weeks after two initial deep cleaning. This is the best way to keep your home always looking its best. This service fits great for a family up to 4 with 1 pet living in a house up to 3500 square feet.

Weekly Cleaning

The same cleaning team come to your house once every a week after two initial deep cleaning. This is the best way to keep a large and/or busy home always looking its best. This service fits great for a family of four or more with more than 1 pet living in a house greater than 3500 square feet.

Monthly Cleaning

The same cleaning team come to your house once every 4 weeks after two initial deep cleaning. If you'd like to clean the house regularly by yourself but need some extra help once in a while, this service fits you the most.

Onetime Cleaning

Need move in/move out cleaning, spring cleaning, before/after party cleaning? No problem, give us a call. We may have next day availability.

Spring/Fall Cleaning

Seasonal weather means new beginnings outdoors – and indoors. Call us for special spring cleaning and fall cleaning services to help you clean and sanitize your home. That dirt was so last season. If you want your home have a fresh new look in the new season, this service is for you!

Special Cleaning Service

Have a special cleaning project? No problem, we can help you tackle specific cleaning needs: inside appliance, garage, window, you name it. Contact our office to speak to a sales representative to learn more.

Why Hiring Us

We understand letting strangers coming to your home regularly could be a big concern. Our cleaning associates are our employees passed background check. They are free of any criminal record. And we’ll try our best to use the same cleaning associates to clean your home each and every time.

Use employees

Use employees

to clean your home

Most people have no idea how much it would cost to have their home professionally cleaned. It’s less than you may think, especially at the Green Cleaning. We are literally the most affordable professional green cleaning company. Call us to make a quote! Your time is precious, our time is affordable!

Very affordable

Very affordable

call us for free quote

We carry liability insurance, employee dishonestly insurance(fidelity insurance) and business insurance. We strive to give our customer an honest and fair resolution to any problems with the cleaning or any other issues that may arise.

Insured & Boned

Insured & Boned

We take care of unexpected

The cleaning associates at The Green Cleaning are committed to providing thorough home cleaning services for our valued customers. In order to accomplish this goal, we adhere to strict standards that remain consistent across the board. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we’ll come next day to re-clean it for free.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed

or free re-cleaning next day

Green Cleaning is not just a slogan

Biodegradable supplies

Biodegradable supplies

Our Supplies

People are concerned with saving environment and keeping their family safe from harsh chemicals, like never before. We use biodegradable supplies to clean your home, we are also in the process of making our own cleaning product using vinegar and baking soda.

HEPA filter vacuum

HEPA filter vacuum

Our Equipment

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air (filter). The particles these filters are meant to contain are around .03 microns in size. Using this filter will reduce allergies, mold, and small particles in your home. We are proudly using HEPA certified vacuums for all of our house cleaning.

Green Cleaning Process

Green Cleaning Process

Our Process

Green cleaning is more about examining our entire process of cleaning, identifying the areas that can be more green. We are constantly improving our process, from the phone ring to deposit check to the bank, from hiring an employee to file our tax return. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email us or give us a call.

Our Price

We treat each home cleaning a unique project, that's why we need in house estimate to determine the exact price. We base your cleaning price on many factors including pets, clutters, floor types, as well as, the number of people who live there. Call (281) 506-0022 for a free phone estimate and schedule an appointment to meet with the owner or manager for more details about our service and an exact price to clean your home. It takes two initial cleans to "break in" the house into our maintenance mode, so we may charge more for two initial cleans. 

Contact Info

Address: 301 S 9th St, Suite 211, Richmond, TX 77469
Phone: (281) 506-0022